Collective Mindset

For better futures

Know what you stand for, and rally behind it.

Not everything we work on will change the world. But collectively, across products and industries, we can shape it. There is strength in numbers, which is why it’s important that we unite together, in voice and action, to bring about the change we want to see in our communities.

At Design Citizen, we advocate for ethical, inclusive and responsible design, and work in our communities as allies, mentors, coaches and educators. We go beyond our professional borders to align our energy to something bigger than ourselves because the future always has been, and always will be, people first.


For all of 2021 and 2022, 5% of every full-time placement with Design Citizen will help our friends at the following non-profit organizations:

Center for Child & Youth Justice

Creating better lives for generations of children and youth by reforming the child welfare and juvenile justice systems in every corner of Washington, for all kids.

Reaction Lab

Educating, training, and challenging all Black and Latinx youth to become leaders in designing healthy and racially equitable communities for themselves and others.


We spread the belief that a strong democracy depends on strong citizens — that we all have the power to make change in civic life and the responsibility to try

Design For

We are an idea incubator, a way of approaching complex challenges, and a life-long community of learners, shaping the next generation of social innovators.

The Lavender

Low-cost civil legal services and community programming centered in values of social justice for trans, queer and other marginalized communities.


Inneract Project empowers underrepresented youth through design education and links them to opportunities to explore design in career and life.

Our Call to Action

As long-time members of the creative and business communities we know that great ideas can spring from unexpected people and places.

If you think Design Citizen could be an ally for you, please reach out to us.